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American Viticultural Area is a term used to distinguish a wine-growing region. All AVA’s are entirely unique due to the external factors that influence the grapes and wine. Topography, climate, location, soil-type, and varieties grown are just some of the ways AVA’s are categorized.

Home to over 20 unique wineries, the Applegate Valley AVA is located just 50 miles north of the California border. Featuring striking views of the Siskiyou Mountains and expansive farmland, the Applegate Valley is truly a beautiful location to grow grapes. Follow the Applegate River and find yourself enjoying many different varietals – from Pinot Noir to Chardonnay to Tempranillo, there’s something for every wine-lover in this region.

The Applegate Valley AVA was officially established in 2000, though its history goes back much further to the late 1800s, where our neighboring winery, Valley View, started Oregon’s first official winery. Prohibition ultimately ended up putting a damper on things and it wasn’t until the 1970s when the Applegate Valley saw a resurgence in its winemaking. Winemakers soon discovered this region had many things going for it that would contribute to high-quality winemaking. Warm/dry climate, well-drained soils, warm days/cold evenings, all come together to create something magical in your glass.

“As a winemaker, working in the Applegate Valley has been like being a kid in a candy store. Having access to a wide range of varieties within our diverse microclimates has made winemaking even more rewarding. I love the sharing of information and equipment, it’s akin to borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor but with winemaking supplies. I know when I’ve been in a pinch with a broken pump my neighbor winery has always been there for me, and I try to do the same for others. The Applegate has so much camaraderie and forward momentum. It’s filled with hardworking owners that share such a passion for the industry. It’s been an honor for us to be a part of such a group.”

– Rachael Martin (Owner/Winemaker)

On a broader scale, the Applegate AVA belongs to a “super-AVA” known as the Southern Oregon AVA. This AVA features five sub-regions: Umpqua Valley, Red Hill Douglas County, Rogue Valley, Elkton Oregon, and lastly, the Applegate Valley. The Southern Oregon AVA is contained in approximately two-million acres, making it the second largest AVA in the state of Oregon behind the Willamette Valley (around three-million acres).

Want to experience the best the Applegate AVA has to offer? Be sure to check out the spring Uncorked event – https://applegatevalley.wine/events-2/