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Wine Making Philosophy

Red Lily is a terroir driven, small cuvee winery whose underlying philosophy is to create wines that have a sense of place. To put it simply, we strive to produce the highest quality wines possible that reflect the unique parcels of land on which the vines are planted. Our wines are created by an uncompromising and passionate focus on quality and attention to detail in all aspects of the wine making process.  Great wines are created in the vineyard and this is where our winemaking starts. Sustainable practices, coupled with a tremendous amount of hand labor, allow us to keep our vines in balance and manage our reduced yields. In the winery, a minimalist approach is taken during fermentation and aging, and gentle handling of the wine throughout the process permits the fruit to express itself naturally.

Spanish Centric

When we first encountered Spanish tempranillo many years ago, we were overwhelmed by its combination of raw power and subtle earthiness. As we started exploring planting our first vineyard, we were excited by the fact that tempranillo seemed so well suited to the southern Oregon climate, and in particular, the Applegate Valley where we live. The fact that tempranillo was largely unknown at the time (at least to most American consumers) only added to the mystique and appeal. We brazenly set ourselves on this path and have never once regretted it. Tempranillo has proven to be virtually a perfect match to southern Oregon and we have been very pleased with the wines that we have produced. Meanwhile, we have continued to explore Spanish wines and have made them the focal point for our winery. With that in mind, we recently planted several acres of Verdejo, a white grape that is the backbone for many fine wines from the Rueda region in Spain. We have also planted Grenache and Graciano, and have plans to blend those grapes with Tempranillo, similar to what is done in the La Rioja region of Spain.