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Our Story 

When we first began exploring the concept of a vineyard in southern Oregon back in 2001, we were absolute novices. While it sounds incredibly trite, we knew we loved wine and the thought of making our own wine seemed so “romantic.” Though we had no idea how to start, we proceeded cautiously and thanks to a lot of research and hard work, as well as the contributions of a lot of great people, Red Lily Vineyards has become a reality. Along the way, we’ve had to redefine the concept of “romance” with respect to the wine business. After all, it’s farming first with every vision that term conjures up, and technical winemaking second. Nonetheless, we feel a compelling satisfaction that we’ve achieved something unique with Red Lily. And of course, the real romance comes from drinking the wine!  

While Red Lily Vineyards is named principally for the rare Bolander’s Lily that grows in the neighboring Siskiyou Mountains, it has another very special meaning to us. Our daughter and youngest child is named Lily and given her “bold” personality, she certainly deserves to share as namesake.

 – Les and Rachael Martin