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There’s something magical about pouring wine out of a test tube and into a glass. In 2013, we fell in love with the idea of serving our tasting flights in test tubes. There is so much chemistry involved in the winemaking process, and it felt fun to take this whimsical approach for our tastings. The early-stage wine-in-process we examine in test tubes, soon becomes the aged delight we pour out of them.

At the time, we felt that this way of serving wine was innovative and made sense given our expansive location. Our approach with our tasting room has always been to offer a laid-back environment, free of some of the usual pressures that come with wine tasting. We felt that these test-tube flights allowed people to have options when sampling our wine. While we love chatting with our guests, sometimes people prefer to taste more privately with their friends. Each of our tasting flights come with a tasting card so guests can sip and learn at their own pace.

Having our tasting flights in these test tube racks has allowed us to make the most out of our space. Guests aren’t limited to the tasting room and can instead venture around to some of our other surrounding spaces, such as the historic pole barn or our beach along the Applegate River. The grounds are quite expansive and offer many intimate places to drink wine. This flexibility has also allowed us to serve wine more efficiently, especially during the busy summer hours, when it helps us ease congestion in our tasting room.

Although certainly unplanned, this method of serving wine proved to be beneficial during the pandemic. We could quickly pour a tasting flight and guests could then take the flight to a space in which they felt comfortable.

Visit our tasting room to try one of our unique test tube tastings! For more information on what we are currently pouring, click here.