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Perhaps the most unique feature of our tasting room is the 90-year-old pole barn it’s attached to. Long before it was a space to enjoy Red Lily wines with family and friends, this barn was used to feed hundreds of cattle. In 2010, we began the process of updating the pole barn to ultimately be a part of our tasting room. We really wanted to keep the heart and soul of the building intact. Equally as important was ensuring any additions fit in with the existing architecture on the property. The ranch and its buildings had so much character/history that we felt had to stay. Much of the barn today is original from the 1930’s. Anything that we were able to keep we did. The most notable change was the removal of the feeding slots, which were replaced with the wine barrel walls you see today.

(Early Renovations)

(Early Renovations + Tasting Room Construction)

Red Lily Vineyard's historic pole barn with wine barrel walls and string lights.(Pole Barn Today)

We feel grateful that we were able to retain a lot of what made this barn so cool in the first place, while still being able to add some of the Red Lily personality. Every time we get the chance to sit back and sip some wine in this barn we are reminded of the farmers and cattle that breathed life into the building, and the people who continue to spend time with their loved ones under its tin roof.