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Special Events

Red Lily Vineyards is available to host meetings or other special events.

For more information, contact Ragan Atkinson at (541) 227-4859 or via email at ragan@redlilyvineyards.com.

Group Policies

Red Lily welcomes groups. However, in order to ensure an enjoyable experience, reservations are required for groups of 8 or more persons. Please note that for groups of 20 or more persons, we require reservations at least 1 week in advance and a surcharge of $5-$10 per person may apply (depending on size of group).

Please note that Red Lily Vineyards principal business is making and selling wine. We also offer a small menu of fresh food items because we feel it enhances the wine experience. However, we are not a restaurant and we have a small kitchen and can get easily overwhelmed with large orders of food. Therefore, we strongly recommend that if you are interested in ordering food (particularly for a group), you should phone your food order at least 2 hours in advance of your arrival (541-846-6800).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!